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  • £ 762.00

    This is the interior Bamboo.  Most Bamboos are only suitable for exterior but Bamboo Vulgaris will live indoors provided the conditions are right.  They need very good light to thrive.

    £ 762.00
  • £ 47.40

    This is one of the new varieties of mother in laws tongue and has become an instant hit.  The sword like leaves are more rounded than the classic Sanseveria and grow straight making it one of the more architectural plants we have.  Useful as a floor or table top plant. Price is for a single plant only. 

    £ 47.40
  • £ 150.00

    New form of one of our most favourite plants. This is a dream plant - very architectural and not too fussy on its location. Anita will take most light conditions and is not prone to pests or disease.  Thestem is open braised and is the main feature of the plant

    £ 150.00
  • £ 45.60

    This fabulous plant has a braided stem and a mophead style canopy of long fine leaves. It will tolerate quite low levels of light and is generally pest and disease free. A very architectural plant that deserves to be used more.

    £ 45.60
  • £ 53.26

    This is the heavier branched Beaucarnea.   A very contemporary plant that is popular as an office plant with its upright habit and shaggy heads of fine green leaves.  The heads start quite small but quickly develop in good light conditions Generally pest and disease free. Lovely plant - one of our favourites

    £ 53.26
Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items