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We have a large selection of planters for Offices and Commercial Locations that we are able to source for you, we don't hold these items in stock as there are so many different sizes and colour possibilities. Some of the planters are made to order (fibre glass and galvanised) which have a general leadtime of approx 3-4 weeks from the point of order.  Most of the planters seen below are suitable for interior and exterior use, but do check as some of them aren't.  If you are interested in any of our planters add the item to your quote and we will be in touch to advise on availability, delivery and if you require us to supply the planters potted up with planting.

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  • £ 382.00

    These Brushed Stainless Steel Planter are classics, they suit both interior and exterior locations as they are very durable and manufactured to a very high standard.  Each Planter is made to order so if you are looking for an alternative shape or size do contact us to discuss your requirements.

    £ 382.00
  • £ 841.20

    Each of these Stainless Steel Planters is made from 304 Grade Steel to order, therefore if you are lloking for a different shape or size do contact us for a quote. They look at home either interior or exerior, however If used outside within 1 mile of the sea please ask for details on 316 grade steel. This planter has a false base and an interior planting...

    £ 841.20
  • £ 1,238.99

    These tall sleek planters are equal to their square counter parts with the gradual taper.  They are made from 304 Grade steel so they are robust enough for exterior use but subtle enough for interior use due to their cylinder shape.

    £ 1,238.99
  • £ 188.01

    These industrial looking planters are made from pre-galvised steel sheets, they are produced with visable seams (lockformed) and have a return lip at teh top.  They are made to order in the UK so custom orders are possible - please ask for a quote. The Sheets of steel that are used are shiny to start with but they do dull down over time.

    £ 188.01
  • £ 194.00

    These planters are manufactured in the UK using galvanised steel which is powder coated to any RAL colour required.  This means that if you have corporate colours then matching your planters should be no problem.  As they are manufactured from Galvanised Steel they are very robust and are suitable to exterior locations, they have visable seams and a...

    £ 194.00
  • £ 156.00

    This is a Galvanised planter with a powder coated finish.  This means that you can have a very tough planter made from sheet steel in any RAL colour, so if you are looking for bright bold colours or shades to match your corporate colours - no problem.

    £ 156.00
  • £ 114.00

    This is our most popular Metal Planter which is available in many different sizes,  as they are made to order here in the UK we can cater for most shapes or sizes so if you have any custom requirements do let us know.

    £ 114.00
  • £ 74.00

    This is one of our standard troughs, it is made from  pre-galvanised sheet steel which have lockformed seams and are supplied as standard with a lip at the top.  These tough planters do look fantastic outside and they don't look as industrial as the Hot Dipped Galvanised range.

    £ 74.00
  • £ 98.00

    This range of trough planters are made with galvanised steel sheets which have lockformed seams however these are supplied powdercoated in any RAL colour.  Each planter is made in the UK and is manufactured to order, so if you require a size that is not shown please do enquire.

    £ 98.00
  • £ 74.00

    This range of planters are manufactured to order in the UK from Sheet Form Pre Galvanised Steel, the luxury of this is that we can also provide you with a bespoke service too, so if you dont see a size or shape that you require please do contact us.

    £ 74.00
  • £ 217.00

    The Graphite Tall Square Ceramic Planter is available in 3 heights, the tallest being 90cm.  So you can create very distinctive displays with these hand made planters.  The Graphite shade is almost a modern gunmetal tone so it fits in to almost any colour scheme.  The ceramic planters are a good choice for Interior or Exterior schemes as they are frost...

    £ 217.00
  • £ 135.00

    This Ceramic tall planter is very traditional with its upright stature.  It is available in several heights however the length and width remain the same, each planter is made by hand so they are all unique and they are frost hardy so they are more than suitable for exterior locations and look just as good inside too.

    £ 135.00
  • £ 169.00

    This style of planter fits in to most environments with its sleek tapering top lip and gradual convex sides, each ceramic planter is hand made so they are all individual pieces which is complemented by the rich red gloss glaze.  All off the ceramic planters are suitable to be used interior or exterior as they are frost hardy.

    £ 169.00
  • £ 137.01

    This Gloss Blue Ceramic Planter creates a bold and bright statement, followed up by the straight sided round shape. The Planter and the Glaze are frost hardy so it is suitable for exterior and interior use.

    £ 137.01
  • £ 98.01

    This Classic Partner shape is taken to another level with this bold blue Ceramic Planter as the colour seems to highlight the clean taper of this circular planter, which is available in three heights. The planter will create an impact as an interior or exterior plant pot (fully frost hardy).

    £ 98.01
  • £ 58.00

    The Ceramic Couple Planter is finished in a Blue Gloss Glaze which is fully frost hardy.  This bowl look planter is available in three heights each with a wider diameter opening which means that planting up is so easy.  This makes the Blue ceramic Couple Plant Pot ideal for Exterior or Interior use.

    £ 58.00
  • £ 58.00

    The Blue Gloss Ceramic Planter in the Tapered Square Kubis shape is traditional, but with the wide ceramic lip and the bold blue tones it transforms into a bold statement.  There are four different heights to choose from so they are a very suitable shape to have and don't look out of place as an exterior or interior planter.

    £ 58.00
  • £ 125.00

    This traditional shaped planter is taken to the next level due to the rich sepia tones, the understated glaze looks fantastic either outside or as an interior planter.  Each pot is individual as they are all hand made and frost hardy.

    £ 125.00
  • £ 116.00

    The Gloss Metal Glaze Partner Planter have a modern look due to the multi tonal petrol colour, each ceramic planter is hand made making them all individual pieces. They are all frost hardy so they make eye catching planters for exterior projects or statement pots for interior use.

    £ 116.00
  • £ 192.00

    These planters are an ideal light weight planter that looks and feels just like stone.  They are made from clay and resin so they are porous and will require a liner if planting up with live plants.

    £ 192.00
  • £ 144.00

    These lovely plain light weight planters look and feel just like stone, they are made from a clay and resin mix which makes them porous so it is ideal if you use a liner if using live plants in the pot.

    £ 144.00
Showing 1 - 21 of 48 items