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As we specialise in supplying live plant contracts throughout the Thames Valley and London to Business and Offices we are able to supply just the plants themselves if you already have your planters insitu within your commercial premises.  Just add the item that you like to your quote and we will be in touch to discuss the plant and the environment that you wish to place it in to ensure that it suits your location and needs.

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  • £ 52.37

    Dracaena Compacta is a member of the highly versatile Dracaena family. These plants are ideal as an office plant as they have a good contemporary shape and will tolerate low levels of light. This form has three stems with heads - see also the branched Dracaena Compactafor a fuller plant.

    £ 52.37
  • £ 61.46

    This is the heavier branched form of the Compacta.  A very strong plant that will adapt to most locations and will tolerate quite low light levels.  Very slow growing.

    £ 61.46
  • £ 20.28

    This dramatic plant has sword like leaves that splay out like the fingers on a hand.  A member of the Mother in Law family it is suprisingly easy to look after. A contemporary form of Mother in Laws tongue its wide spread finger style leaves are mid green in colour.  Can be used as a desk top plant or in a tall planter for a minimalist plant display.

    £ 20.28
  • £ 5.04

    Hahnii is the short form of the mother in  laws tongue. Used primarily in clumps together in a bowl or tall planter. It can be green or variegated (please specify which one you would like)  Price is for plant only, decorative pots are sold separately

    £ 5.04
  • £ 51.60

    This classic Mother in Laws tongue never goes out of fashion. Upright sword like leaves with yellow variegation. Likes medium to high light and is generally pest & disease free.

    £ 51.60
  • £ 3.52

    A new introduction and a modern twist on the favourite mother in laws tongue.  Mikado is the best of the upright Sanseveria Cylindricas with a fine straight leaf. Heights range from 15 cm which is great for small bowls up to 60cm which can be a larger table top or used in a trough display Price is for a single plant only - decorative pots are available...

    £ 3.52
  • £ 56.76

    A relative newcomer. Goldcoast has glossy green and yellow variegated leaves and an upright manner.  Good all  rounder.

    £ 56.76
  • £ 100.80

    Janet Craig has glossy green leaves and an upright habit.  It will tolerate quite low light levels and is a useful plant for darker spaces. This is the branched version which is very bushy.  It is generally pest and disease free.  

    £ 100.80
  • £ 31.20

    This is the classic form of the popular Dragon tree, Dracaena marginata.  It has 3 ,4 or 5 poles each with a head of narrow dark green leaves. The leaves are upright to start with and gently droop over time. Easy to care for and not fussy over light levels.  If the light is too low the stem will elongate over time.

    £ 31.20
  • £ 148.80

    A new version of the classic Marginata with a braided stem and mophead style canopy.  This contemporary plant is easy to look after and will tolerate medium to high light conditions.

    £ 148.80
  • £ 52.80

    This heavy branched Dracaena is a popular office plant as it has a contemporary shape and will tolerate medium to low light levels.  Looks at its best in a tall planter. Price is for plant only.

    £ 52.80
  • £ 50.40

    The broadest leaved Dracaena with glossy green and yellow striped leaves.  The head starts quite compact but in good light conditions can  quickly double in size. Is generally pest free but has a tendency to have leaf spotting which can be related to the minerals in the water. Does not like to be cold

    £ 50.40
  • £ 97.20

    Branched Massangeana has a heavy multi head on chunky wooden stem. Yellow striped leaves. Used to be a popular plant as the head can grow very big and lush in good light conditions but is less used now. Great if you want a really big lush plant.

    £ 97.20
  • £ 158.40

    Reflexa Song of India is the yellow variegated form. Needs better light than Reflexa Song of Jamaica

    £ 158.40
  • £ 54.42

    Braided Dracaena Reflexa is a sweet little tree with a braided trunk and yellow variegated leaves. Needs good light but is easy to care for. Popular as table top or in a tall slender floor standing planter

    £ 54.42
  • £ 26.34

    This Dracaena has two tone green leaves and a short braided stem. Ideal as a table top plant or in a tall slender planter. Song of Jamaice will tolerate quite low light levels and is a tough plant - difficult to kill!  Heights are approximate and are from floor to top of plant

    £ 26.34
  • £ 150.00

    Dracaena Reflexa (commonly called Pleomele) is happy in lower light locations and is a slow growing architectural plant. Good for offices and restaurants

    £ 150.00
  • £ 123.60

    A relative newcomer, Dracaena Rikki has very long two tone leaves. This heavy branched form is the best version.  It will survive medium to low light conditions. Heights are from floor to top of plant.  Prices are for plant only.  

    £ 123.60
  • £ 88.32

    One of the most versatile of the upright office plants. Tolerant of low light conditions and great for corridors where space is limited.This green and white variegated plant is a confirmed favourite with interior landscapers as it is unusually a variegated plant that is happy in very low light conditions.  Tough as old boots it is difficult to kill 

    £ 88.32
  • £ 9.72

    False Bamboo.  This is absolutely the best way to have a houseplant thats looks like a Bamboo.  Bamboo never does well inside but this is a Dracaena and as such is an easy and unfussy plant.  Leaves are mid green with yellow spotted variegation. A low clump of foliage with tall spires of new growth.  Medium to low light. Price is for plant only -...

    £ 9.72
  • £ 70.80

    Ficus Alli (also known as Ficus Longifolia) is the longer leaved version of the classic Ficus.  It tends to have fewer leaves and a naturally 'droopy' habit.  Sold either as a narrow column or, more commonly as a Mophead. Like all Ficus it needs great light so place close to a natural light source Heights are approximate and are from floor to top of...

    £ 70.80
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