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As we specialise in supplying live plant contracts throughout the Thames Valley and London to Business and Offices we are able to supply just the plants themselves if you already have your planters insitu within your commercial premises.  Just add the item that you like to your quote and we will be in touch to discuss the plant and the environment that you wish to place it in to ensure that it suits your location and needs.

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  • £ 34.80

    This is the classic barrel cactus. Dark green ball with large yellow spines that are VERY sharp and can cause a reaction if they break the skin. Must have good light and vey little water so make sure you locate right in a window and don't be tempted to water too often.  Not recommended for locations where children will have access. Sold by the diameter...

    £ 34.80
  • £ 17.52

    Colourful flowering bush with dark green leaves and colourful spathes. We have red, pink, white and purple varieties. 45cm is suitable as a table top but for floor standing display the 65cm plant is a better size. Contact us to order

    £ 17.52
  • £ 7.56

    Guzmania is a member of the Bromeliad family. These are rosette plants that in their natural habitat live on the branches of tropical forest trees and capture rain water on their large long leaves and channel it into the heart of the plant. They are a short lived plant  but the flower spike should live 6 to 8 weeks before dying. 

    £ 7.56
  • Bromeliad rosette plant with a single sword like  flower spike and two tone leaves. This is a short lived plant that is useful for short term colour (4 to 6 weeks) before it needs to be replaced. Price is for plant only

  • £ 19.20

    Greek Urn plant. This is a new variety of the classic grey green rosette plant. The tall flower spike has pink and blue colouring.  As with all rosette plants the flower will last a few weeks then die. The plant will grow side shoots that you can cut off and pot on for a new plant

    £ 19.20
  • £ 15.24

    This is the mini moth orchid. We love these and will mass them together in a bowl for a feature display. Just 35 cm tall

    £ 15.24
  • £ 17.52

    60cm tall double flower spike Moth orchid. This is the white one but we can supply other colours. Price is for a single plant with 2 spikes

    £ 17.52
Showing 43 - 49 of 49 items