Moss Walls

Moss Walls are made using real moss that has been treated with natural ingredients that replace the water in the cell structure. It will not wilt or die but no longer needs any water or light to survive. This makes it perfect for creating the most incredible moss walls and pictures that look, feel like fresh moss. Bun Moss, Flat Moss & Reindeer Moss Walls and pictures are all available.Green Walls Made in the UK

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Our sister division Bright Green manufacturers these stunning preserved moss walls and pictures here in Oxfordshire. Each is made to the clients specification so that can be any size. Large walls are made in panels (usually 1000x1000mm) to fit together on site.  

For commercial use they can be made on a fire rated board and spray treated to BS5852 Crib 5 or BS476 Part 7.

For a sample, or to discuss a project please call us on 01295 750205